Consortial Abbreviation: 
Slogan or Motto: 
Dedication. Exploration. Innovation.
Brief Description: 

Minitex is a publicly supported network of academic, public, state government, and special libraries working cooperatively to improve library service for their users in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. There is reciprocity with Wisconsin libraries.

The Minitex program is funded by the Minnesota Legislature through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to serve Minnesota academic and state government libraries. Minitex is a joint program of the Office of Higher Education and the University of Minnesota. The Minnesota State Library Services (the Minnesota state library agency), a unit of the Minnesota Department of Education, provides additional funding to support services for Minnesota libraries and library users.

Libraries in North Dakota and South Dakota participate in Minitex programs through contracts between the Minitex Office and the North and South Dakota State Libraries.

Minitex programs are coordinated by the Minitex staff located at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Libraries, which fills the majority of requests sent to the Minitex office.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Cataloging services
Collections sharing
Electronic content licensing
Electronic content loading/presentation
Interlibrary loan/document delivery
Storage facilities
Union lists/shared online catalogs
Other Functions: 
Virtual reference
Mailing Address: 
Minitex University of Minnesota Wilson Library, Room 60 309 19th Ave South Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States
Generic Phone Number: 
Staff Contacts: 
Maggie Snow, Director 612-624-2839; Gerri Moeller, Associate Director: Resource Sharing (RS), MNLINK, Delivery 612-624-0375; Jolie Graybill, Assistant Director: Digital Initiatives & Metadata Education (DIME) 612-624-6787; Matt Lee, Associate Director: Cooperative Purchasing & Electronic Resources Services (CPERS), Reference Services (ROI) 612-624-1024; Paul Swanson, Information Technology (IT) Manager 612-626-7829; Terry Beseman, Administrative Fiscal Services Manager 612-624-0322; Zach Miller, Communications Specialist 612-301-6658
Number of Member Libraries (full or core members): 
2 160
Types of Member Libraries: 
Number of Staff: