Private Academic Library Network of Indiana

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Collaborative, Strategic, Innovative
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The Private Academic Library Network of Indiana was founded in 1992 as one of the first state-wide automated resource sharing networks for private academic libraries. Initial funding for PALNI‘s shared library automation system and network was provided through a from The Lilly Endowment. Annual operating costs are shared among the 24 participating small college and seminary libraries throughout the State of Indiana. While the initial focus of PALNI was to support shared library systems and tools, the mission has advanced to include all areas of the library through deep collaboration.

The Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI) is a 501(c)(3) owned by the twenty-four supported private academic institutions. This library-to-library collaboration strives to enhance faculty teaching and student learning for academic success. Through the “Power of PALNI,” each school benefits from reducing the duplication of efforts and achieving more in quality, value, and support.

The academic landscape is growing more difficult with escalating financial pressures yet colleges and universities must provide excellent services and resources. The PALNI solution is to collaborate not only with other private academic institutions in Indiana, but also to partner with other groups and consortia to reduce costs and compete academically through innovative services.

The library deans and directors who sit on the PALNI board have expanded the organization’s strategic direction as the internet and information services landscape have changed. PALNI shares systems and expertise in many areas including a resource management system, strategic planning, affordable education, instructional technology, collections, reference, information fluency, outreach, and data management.

The PALNI strategic plan is posted here:

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Cataloging services
Collections sharing
Electronic content licensing
Electronic content loading/presentation
Interlibrary loan/document delivery
Union lists/shared online catalogs
Other Functions: 
Assessment, Marketing/Communication, Information Literacy, User Needs Assessment, Publishing, Affordable Education
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PALNI c/o Irwin Library, 4553 Clarendon Road Indianapolis, IN 46208
United States
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Kirsten Leonard, Executive Director Noah Brubaker, Associate Director Megan West, Digital Communications Manager, Amanda Hurford, Scholarly Communications Director, Lisa Gonzalez, KB/LM Librarian, Carly Dannenmueller, Office Administrator,
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