Ontario Colleges Library Service

Consortial Abbreviation: 
Slogan or Motto: 
Collaborative solutions and services for Ontario’s college libraries
Brief Description: 

The Ontario College Library Service (OCLS) delivers efficient, reliable services to the province's 24 publicly funded colleges and their libraries and learning resource centres. OCLS's core services are provided at no additional cost to the colleges, while additional services are available on a cost recovery basis for those libraries that choose to participate. OCLS leverages the collective purchasing power of the colleges to achieve cost efficiencies and works closely with representatives from the college libraries to provide the best possible resources to students, faculty, and staff.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Electronic content licensing
Union lists/shared online catalogs
Other Functions: 
centrally hosted integrated library system; remote authentication; virtual reference; research; contract management for selection, acquisition, and cataloguing; institutional repository
Mailing Address: 
Ontario Colleges Library Service 74 Gervais Drive Toronto, Ontario M3C 1Z3
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Staff Contacts: 
Virginia Roy, Executive Director vroy@ocls.ca / 647-722-9306 Alexander Eykelhof, Director of Information Technology aeykelhof@ocls.ca / 647-722-9304 Thomas Guignard, Director of Services tguignard@ocls.ca / 647-722-9330 Sioban Linnen, Projects and Communications Coordinator slinnen@ocls.ca / 647-722-9317 Nicole Morgan, eResources Coordinator nmorgan@ocls.ca / 647-722-9321
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