Saskatchewan Multitype Database Licensing Program

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Successful Community through Library Co-operation
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The Saskatchewan Multitype Database Licensing Program (MDLP) is a province-wide program in which libraries work together to purchase access to electronic information resources.  With the MDLP, library patrons across Saskatchewan can access a variety of online journals, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, e-books, and other resources

As of end of 2011, there are 37 partners participated in the program, including all ten public library systems, all K to 12 schools represented by the Ministry of Education, the two university library systems, libraries on the four campuses of SIAST, five small college libraries, seventeen special libraries, and Provincial Library. Provincial Library takes responsibility for the administration and coordination of the program. 

The MDLP has significantly enhanced access to electronic information resources for Saskatchewan residents.  Because libraries pool their funds, the overall contribution of any one library is greatly reduced.  Smaller libraries with small budgets can thus access a more extensive array of information resources, which would otherwise be impossible for them to acquire by themselves. These resources are also accessible from a user’s home computer, and the program, therefore, effectively extends access to all Saskatchewan residents, a large number of whom still live in small urban, rural, and remote areas.  Through the MDLP, libraries are helping to close the digital divide, and are working to ensure that all citizens have access to the quality information that is so important to education, to work, and to leisure in a global, knowledge-based economy. 

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Electronic content licensing
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409A Park Street Regina, Saskatchewan Canada S4N 5B2
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Jack Ma Multitype Library Development Saskatchewan Provincial Library 306-787-1306
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