American International Consortium of Academic Libraries

Consortial Abbreviation: 
Brief Description: 

The American International Consortium of Academic Libraries (AMICAL) brings together 26 institutions of higher education located in 21 countries across Eastern, Central and Western Europe, West and North Africa, the Middle East, Central and Southern Asia, and Russia. Operating in diverse cultural contexts but committed to the American model of liberal education, our mission is to advance learning, teaching and research through the collaborative development of library and information services and curricular resources at member institutions.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Cataloging services
Electronic content licensing
Interlibrary loan/document delivery
Union lists/shared online catalogs
Other Functions: 
Professional development, Networked library service licensing, Educational technology licensing, Curricular collaboration
Mailing Address: 
AUP Library, 9 bis rue de Monttessuy, 75007 Paris, FRANCE
Generic Phone Number: 
+33 1 40 62 05 57
Staff Contacts: 
Jeff Gima, AMICAL Director (
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