EKUAL (National Academic License for Electronic Resources)

Consortial Abbreviation: 
Slogan or Motto: 
Equal opportunity of access to scientific knowledge on a national scale
Brief Description: 

EKUAL Project has been initiated in 2005 by TUBITAK ULAKBIM (National Academic Network and Information Center), with the aim of enabling research institutions in Turkey efficient and widespread access to international scientific and academic content. EKUAL has undertaken the task of carrying out subscription transactions and making national license agreements with the most prominent publishers and database producers of the world, in order to encourage a broader use of high quality academic information; thus stimulating scientific research and publication in the country. Universities, Training and Research Hospitals, Public Research Institutions are among the institutions that benefit from this service, along with TUBITAK and its institutions.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Electronic content licensing
Electronic content loading/presentation
Storage facilities
Other Functions: 
Funding (all the expenses are paid by TUBITAK, no participation fee for members)
Mailing Address: 
TUBITAK ULAKBIM EKUAL Yuzuncuyil, İsci Bloklari Mahallesi Muhsin Yazıcıoglu Caddesi No:51/C 06530 Cankaya Ankara
Generic Phone Number: 
+90 312 298 92 30
+90 312 266 51 81
Staff Contacts: 
Mr. Ahmet Emre Aydın, Coordinator (Librarian)
Number of Member Libraries (full or core members): 
Types of Member Libraries: 
Other Types of Members: 
Training and Research Hospitals, Public Research Institutions
Number of Staff: