Consortium Luxembourg

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The Consortium department of the National Library of Luxembourg is managing a number of digital libraries on behalf of consortial groupings as well as individual organisations, at varying service levels. Centralised expertise and shared tools are part of the National Library’s infrastructure missions to ensure cost-effective public service. IT hard- and software are managed by the National Library’s IT department in close cooperation with the Luxembourg State computing center (CTIE).

In any Consortium, strength lies in numbers. In 2014, the Consortium members decided on a multi-annual project to reassess its infrastructure, diversify services and further improve statistics and tools to ensure that digital library services in Luxembourg remain cost-effective and future-proof. In 2016, a key milestone of the reorganisation was successfully completed as the entire backoffice was implemented in This cloud-based software handles the complete life cycle of subscriptions, combining licence management, negotiation support, ordering, statistics and invoicing. For optimal transparency, dashboards for library administrators in our member organisations are available. End-user services are also modular since 2016, as we added bespoke end-user interfaces and authentication APIs.
The new service model resulting from this reorganisation is successful, as a new member joined in 2017: the Max-Planck Institute Luxembourg. Furthermore a public library ebook consortium and the governmental law library were launched.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Electronic content licensing
Electronic content loading/presentation
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Bibliothèque nationale Luxembourg; Consortium Luxembourg; 31, Blvd Konrad Adenauer; L-1115 Luxembourg-Kirchberg; Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
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+352 260 959-217
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Juliane Schulze, Teresa Fernandez, Marie Werz & Patrick Peiffer via
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