Ohio Public Library Information Network

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Serving Ohio public libraries since 1995
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The Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) provides broadband Internet connections and related information services to Ohio public libraries. Our primary mission is to ensure that all Ohio residents have fast, free public Internet access through the 251 independent local public library systems in Ohio, as well as the use of high-quality research databases not freely available on the World Wide Web. Though the eventual consumers of our services are often members of the general public, our actual customers are in fact limited to the public library systems of Ohio.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Electronic content licensing
Electronic content loading/presentation
Other Functions: 
Internet services
Mailing Address: 
Ohio Public Library Information Network 2323 W. Fifth Ave., Suite 130 Columbus, Ohio 43204
United States
Generic Phone Number: 
+1 614-728-5252
+1 614-728-5256
Staff Contacts: 
Don Yarman, Director (614) 728-5250 :: don@oplin.ohio.gov Laura Solomon, Library Services Manager (614) 728-5252 :: laura@oplin.ohio.gov Karl Jendretzky, Technology Manager (614) 728-1515 :: karl@oplin.ohio.gov
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