MERLIN (University of Missouri System)

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MERLIN is a member of and cluster within the larger MOBIUS Library Consortium in Missouri, as well as a distinct consortium itself.  MERLIN refers specifically to the four University of Missouri system campuses: University of Missouri- Columbia, University of Missouri- Kansas City, University of Missouri- St. Louis, and Missouri University of Science & Technology.  The consortium includes two law schools and two medical schools, as well as the State Historical Society and the Western Historical Manuscript Collection.  Other Missouri academic libraries, notably Saint Louis University and Washington University of St. Louis, join MERLIN for e-resource purchasing when feasible and prudent.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Collections sharing
Electronic content licensing
Union lists/shared online catalogs
Mailing Address: 
52 Ellis Library Columbia, MO 65201-5149
United States
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Staff Contacts: 
Jennifer Thompson, Librarian II
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