South African National Libary and information Consortium

Consortial Abbreviation: 
Slogan or Motto: 
SANLiC - Your smart e-resource collective
Brief Description: 

SANLiC facilitates, on a nonprofit basis, affordable access to scholarly electronic information in support of the learning, teaching and research activities of its members. This is achieved mainly through collective negotiations with publishers and aggregators. It also promotes the use of high-quality, open access electronic information resources.


Principal Consortial Functions: 
Electronic content licensing
Other Functions: 
Evaluation and management of electronic information resources Marketing and promotion of electronic information resources Training Advice General assistance & support Communication, liaison and lobbying
Mailing Address: 
SANLiC Postnet Suite 310 Private Bag X1005 CLAREMONT SOUTH AFRICA 7735
South Africa
Generic Phone Number: 
+27 21 276 1777
Staff Contacts: 
Glenn Truran SANLiC Director Email : Tel: +27 21 276 1777 Naomi Gaines SANLiC Office Administrator Email : Tel: +27 21 276 1777 Nora Buchanan SANLiC Licensing Manager Email: Tel: +27 31 2022784
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