Max Planck Digital Library (Max Planck Society)

Consortial Abbreviation: 
Brief Description: 

As a central service unit within the Max Planck Society, one of the responsibilities of the MPDL is to negotiate and manage society-wide license agreements for electronic information resources. As one legal entity the Max Planck Society is not a consortium in the general sense, however, due to its many institutes it has a consortium-like structure.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Electronic content licensing
Other Functions: 
Open Access agreements; Providing ERM & access systems
Mailing Address: 
Amalienstr. 33, 80799 Munich
+49 (0) 89 38602 290
Staff Contacts: 
Dr. Ralf Schimmer, Head, Scientific Information Provision,; Julia Graepel, License Manager,; Tina Planck, License Manager,
Number of Member Libraries (full or core members): 
Types of Member Libraries: