Western Regional Storage Trust

Consortial Abbreviation: 
Brief Description: 

The Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) is a distributed retrospective print journal repository program serving research libraries, college and university libraries, and library consortia in the Western Region of the United States.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Collections sharing
Storage facilities
Mailing Address: 
WEST c/o Alison Wohlers California Digital Library University of California Office of the President 415 20th Street, 4th Floor Oakland, CA 94612-2901
United States
Staff Contacts: 
Alison Wohlers, WEST Program Manager, alison.wohlers@ucop.edu Anna Striker, WEST Collections Analyst, anna.striker@ucop.edu Ivy Anderson, WEST Administrative Host liaison, ivy.anderson@ucop.edu
Number of Member Libraries (full or core members): 
Types of Member Libraries: 
Other Types of Members: 
Membership includes 3 consortial memberships: Orbis Cascade Alliance, SCELC, and California Digital Library (representing UC campuses).