Electronic Information for Libraries

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Slogan or Motto: 
knowledge without boundaries
Brief Description: 

EIFL works with libraries worldwide to enable access to digital information in developing and transition countries. We are an international not-for-profit organisation based in Europe with a global network of partners.

Founded in 1999, EIFL began by advocating for affordable access to commercial e-journals for academic and research libraries in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, EIFL partners with libraries and library consortia in more than 60 developing and transition countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Our work has also expanded to include other programmes designed to enable access to knowledge for education, learning, research and sustainable community development.

Principal Consortial Functions: 
Electronic content licensing
Other Functions: 
Access to Knowledge for Education, Learning and Research – ensuring well-resourced libraries, modern Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and skilled staff to provide essential support to students and scholars. EIFL-Consortium Management; EIFL-Licensing; EIFL-OA: open access; EIFL-IP: copyright and libraries. Access to knowledge for sustainable community development – helping to transform lives through innovative services in public libraries, EIFL-PLIP: Public Library Innovation Programme.
Mailing Address: 
EIFL c/o ADN Kronos Piazza Mastai 9 00153 Rome Italy
Generic Phone Number: 
+39 06 5807217
+39 06 5807246
Staff Contacts: 
Rima Kupryte Managing Director rima.kupryte@eifl.net Monika Elbert EIFL - Consortium Management Programme Manager monika.elbert@eifl.net Romy Beard EIFL - Licensing Programme Manager romy.beard@eifl.net Carla MacCallum Programmes & Events Coordinator carla.macallum@eifl.net
Number of Member Libraries (full or core members): 
2 100
Types of Member Libraries: 
Other Types of Members: 
Universities, Private, Research Institutions, Polytechnical, Colleges, National libraries,
Number of Staff: