Participating Consortia

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The following library consortia participating in ICOLC have chosen to complete a public profile of their organization.

Consortium Namesort descending Abbreviation Country
CNY (ConnectNY) Inc. CNY United States
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Colorado Alliance United States
Colorado Library Consortium CLiC United States
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Library Services CSIRO Library Services Australia
Community College Library Consortium (California) CCLC United States
Connecticut Library Consortium CLC United States
Connecticut State Colleges & Universities Library Consortium CSCU Library Consortium United States
Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya CSUC Spain
Consorcio de Bibliotecas Metropolitanas COBIMET Puerto Rico
Consorcio de Bibliotecas Universitarias de El Salvador CBUES El Salvador
Consorcio para el Acceso a la Información Científica Electrónica Corporación Cincel Chile
Consortium des Bibliothèques Académiques du Congo COBAC Democratic Republic of Congo
Consortium Luxembourg - - Luxembourg
Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana CARLIGH Ghana
Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois CARLI United States
Consortium of Ethiopian Academic and Research Libraries CEARL Ethiopia
Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries CSAL Switzerland
CONsortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan CONCERT Taiwan
Consortium unifié des établissements universitaires et de recherche pour l'accès aux publications numériques (Academic Consortium for Electronic Publications) COUPERIN France
Consorzio Interistituzionale per Progetti Elettronici CIPE Italy