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The Association of the Universities, Research & Development Institutes and Central University Libraries in Romania

Knowledge makes knowledge

Professional and scientific Association, the mission of Anelis Plus is:
- to fulfill its membersā€™ information and documentation (I&D) needs,
- to undertake research and development activities,
- to subscribe for electronic resources (ER) of scientific I&D for education and research,
- to undertake promotion and study activities necessary for the implementation of the educational and research policies, so as to answer to the growing information needs of the Romanian users,
- to encourage the scientific research and education in national and international projects with the purpose to increase cooperation and coordination of research activities on national and/or regional level.

Principal Consortial Functions
Collections sharing
Electronic content licensing
Electronic content loading/presentation
Storage facilities
Other Functions
The consortium has conducted national and European projects:
1. Assuring national electronic access to scientific literature for supporting and promoting the research and education system in Romania (2013 ā€“ 2016)
2. National Electronic Access to Scientific Literature for Supporting the Research and Education System in Romania - Anelis Plus 2020 (2017-2022)
3. Access to scientific and technical literature - Anelis Plus 2022
4. Access to scientific literature and publishing in open access (2023-2025)