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CONsortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan

We anticipate to provide services that are one-step ahead of the requests received from users.

CONCERT was officially launched in 1990, it is conducted by the Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI).    The main tasks of the STPI is to negotiate prices, review contracts, coordinate training sessions and provide information services to the CONCERT members.  So far, this consortium has licensed over 100 databases.   All e-resources, exclude e-books, are within our service range.  The CONCERT members covers 70 national as well as private universities, 51 Sci-Tech universities, 36 colleges, 15 junior colleges, 30 R&D organizations and 18 government organizations.

In addition to the service, the STPI each year conduct user meetings, training courses and annual CONCERT conference.   

Principal Consortial Functions
Electronic content licensing
Union lists/shared online catalogs