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Detroit Area Library Network

DALNET is a community of libraries working together to provide access to information for research, cultural enrichment, and lifelong learning opportunities.

The Detroit Area Library Network (DALNET) is a consortium of academic, research, and special libraries in Michigan. The consortium was incorporated in 1985 and is a member funded service of Wayne State University. DALNET libraries help to create a model for shared information access to unique local information, special collections, and services available through DALNET member institutions. DALNET strives to engage in cost-effective practices to insure that the investments of its members are maximized, to share local and central site expertise, to be efficient in all operational areas, to gather, evaluate, and distribute relevant information before reaching a decision, to respect local institutional values, principles, and operational priorities, and to develop effective group processes for informed decision-making. These priorities and the full participation of consortium members enable DALNET libraries to play a leadership role in the delivery of information at their institutions and to meet the research, professional, cultural, and recreational needs of their users.

Principal Consortial Functions
Collections sharing
Electronic content loading/presentation
Interlibrary loan/document delivery
Union lists/shared online catalogs
Other Functions
Shared repository.