Electronic Purchasing In Collaboration

EPIC's vision is to provide equitable access to high quality electronic content for all New Zealanders

Electronic Purchasing in Collaboration (EPIC) is a non-profit national consortium with a common interest to enhance access to e-content for all New Zealanders and to negotiate and facilitate access to e-content for library and information organisations and their customers.

EPIC was established in 2004 out of a proof of concept project called PER:NA (Purchasing Electronic Resources: A National Approach) led by the National Library of New Zealand to make quality e-content affordable to all New Zealand Libraries.

EPIC membership is open to all New Zealand based organisations that provide a library or information service.

The Department of Internal Affairs acting through the National Library of New Zealand is EPIC's lead agency - the legal body that holds the contracts with vendors and with each member library.

The EPIC Office is located in the National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand

Principal Consortial Functions
Electronic content licensing