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Kenya Libraries and Information Services Consortium

Creating an Informed Society

The Kenya Libraries and Information Services Consortium (KLISC) is an organization of member libraries in Kenya. KLISC was formed in the year 2003, with a mandate to bring together university libraries to achieve some common objectives for the total benefit of members in the group. Over the last 10 years the consortium has grown and expanded its membership to include public universities, private universities, government Institutions/departments, public libraries, Kenya National Archives, Kenya, National Museums, non-profit and national tertiary colleges and national research institutions. By so doing, KLISC has become an all-embracing national consortium. Its aim is to promote the interests of libraries and information services and bring them together for common good and benefit of its stakeholders namely students, lecturers and researchers spread in all these institutions as well as the government and public at large. As we move into the second decade, KLISC has adopted the vision “ To be a Leading library consortium with unlimited access to knowledge and information” which reflects the consortium’s commitment to maintain, monitor, promote, and exploit knowledge management for learning, teaching, innovation, research, community service, and national development.

Principal Consortial Functions
Collections sharing
Electronic content licensing