Kyrgyzstan Library and Information Consortium

We need each other

The public not state noncommercial organization "The Library Information Consortium" Association (further under the text the Consortium) was registered in December 27, 2002.
The founders of the Consortium were the Association of public libraries and Public association of Kyrgystan's librarians.
Through membership in specified NGO more than 120 libraries of Kyrgyzstan have united the efforts for the joint solution of the major professional problems, and also questions of development and perfection of information support of the country's users. Among sponsors of the Consortium creation and its active participants are such largest libraries as the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic, State Patent Technical Library, libraries of the largest Higher Schools of Bishkek, and also regional libraries of regions of the country.

The field of activity of the consortium includes some directions, among them:
Active progress and wide participation of libraries of Kyrgyzstan in development of the international project "Electronic information for libraries - eIFL", directed on granting the access to full-text online resources of the foreign scientific periodicals.
Automation and integration of libraries resources in Kyrgyzstan. Now the library community of Kyrgyzstan unites the efforts for teamwork on overcoming information and technical backlog, development and introduction of modern forms of library service for the benefit of all citizens of Kyrgyzstan, successful integration of information resources of our country in world information space.
Development of normative-legal base in the field of a library affair, participation in development of the state programs directed on perfection of library-information service of the population.
Increase of a professional level of library stuff in Kyrgyzstan according to requirements of a modern society.

Principal Consortial Functions
Cataloging services
Electronic content licensing
Interlibrary loan/document delivery