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Portal Timbó "Trama Interinstitucional y Multidisciplinaria de Bibliografía On-line"

Trama Interinstitucional y Multidisciplinaria de Bibliografía On-line

The Portal "Timbo" was for years a longing for the whole community of researchers and technologists in the country but it was difficult to make it happen. Knowing the importance for the development of any scientific and technological community to access the most possible up to date and comprehensive "state of the art" information in the various disciplines of knowledge, the ANII Board identified as one of its immediate strategic objectives to have an operational good bibliographic portal of universal access for January 1st, 2009.

The aim was to create a portal that would support the work of researchers whatever their area of work, with more emphasis in the weakest areas, which generally are less likely to finance access to information and develop collaborative alternatives.

To date the portal offers access through the internet to the full texts of scientific & technological journals and referential and abstracts data bases, and other bibliographical information -national and international- concerning every subject of interest related to Science & Technology.The service is available to researchers, teachers, students and authorized officials of Public and Private Universities, Research Centers, Government Offices, and Enterprises.

Principal Consortial Functions
Collections sharing
Electronic content licensing
Other Functions
Open access advocacy