Society of College, National and University Libraries

The Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) represents all university libraries in the UK and Ireland, irrespective of mission group, as well as national libraries and many of the UK’s colleges of higher education.

SCONUL promotes awareness of the role of academic libraries in supporting research excellence and student achievement and employability, and represents their views and interests to government, regulators and other stakeholders. It helps academic libraries collaborate to deliver services efficiently, including through shared services, and to share knowledge and best practice. If you would like to know more about our programmes, and how we work, you can read our welcome document here.

SCONUL members are the academic libraries themselves, with the heads of library service making up the Executive Board which is responsible for governance and for setting the strategy for the organisation. SCONUL also has a number of groups supporting the strategy and ensuring that the academic library community is informed about, and engaged with, the major issues and challenges facing the library sector. They are supported by an Executive Director and office, engaged in policy development, lobbying and coordination and support.

Other Functions
Our focus is on policy development, sharing best practice and the delivery of a range of services.