Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC)

We help universities and colleges buy smarter. Members use our frameworks and support services to make sure their procurement activities deliver value for money to students, staff and wider communities.
For libraries in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland we manage two framework agreements, one for books, e-books and e-textbooks and one for subscriptions agents. Our aim is to maximise the value of these agreements to members by pursuing developments concerning metadata, business models, e-book archiving, workflow improvements, and anything else related to book and journal purchasing.
Regionally, SUPC represents 46 full members and 97 Associate/Affiliate members but with the other regional consortia included our library agreements are used by 290 members (books/e-books/e-textbooks) and 178 members (subscriptions agents)

Principal Consortial Functions
Cataloging services
Electronic content licensing
Electronic content loading/presentation
Other Functions
We also offer a community facilitated by formal meetings and informal coffee mornings so that members remain well-informed and can share experience with each other.